Wishing everyone a Happy and Holiday season!
I’m sure we all read and hear the news every day.
There are no plans for opening up our bars for now but there’s always hope for the future.
Once this pandemic is over or at least under control, we will all be able to get back to normal
To spending time with family and friends and getting back to some friendly dart competition.
And when that happens, FADA will be back! you can count on it!
So stay well and we’ll all get back together soon!

FADA FALL 2019 Division Champions
Congratulations to the winners!

Monday Night Season Winners

Aquaduct Division – Tack Room #4
Belmont Division – Brixx #1
Churchill Division – RC Dugans #3
Dover Division – Mr Beerys #1

Tuesday Night Season Winners

Amstel Division – Tack Room #5
Bud Division – Tack Room #10
Bud Lite Division – Tack Room #2
Coors Division – Mers #10
Coors Lite Division – Daytonas #4
Dos Equis Division – It’s About Time

Wednesday Night Season Winners

Atlantic Division – Lily Flanagans #1
Black Hawk Division – Uncle Chucks

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