Hello FADA – Hope this finds everyone well!
We are still here, even though darts is not, at least not yet.
We know some local bars are open, but they must follow the rules about occupancy and distancing, as FADA must as well.
There are no current plans for summer dart leagues, competitions or luck of the draw nights.
As far as the fall season, it is too early to decide anything right now but we will do our best to keep you informed.
Until we get together again, be well and stay safe!

There have been some questions from many players asking whether or not darts can resume now that bars are allowed to re-open. This is the answer from the New York State Liquor Authority:

Q: I am a bar/restaurant owner in a Phase 2/3/4 region, can I allow dancing or offer bar games such as darts, pool, or cornhole?

A: No, under the Department of Health interim guidance on dining for Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4, all persons who are not already seated (e.g., waiting for food, or waiting to be seated), should be encouraged to wait in their vehicle and/or leave the premises. Congregating other than persons seated at tables is not generally permissible.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the way it is right now folks.

One thing we do ask is when our bars are allowed to re-open, please support your team’s bar, they will need our help to stay open, like this bar…

FADA FALL 2019 Division Champions
Congratulations to the winners!

Monday Night Season Winners

Aquaduct Division – Tack Room #4
Belmont Division – Brixx #1
Churchill Division – RC Dugans #3
Dover Division – Mr Beerys #1

Tuesday Night Season Winners

Amstel Division – Tack Room #5
Bud Division – Tack Room #10
Bud Lite Division – Tack Room #2
Coors Division – Mers #10
Coors Lite Division – Daytonas #4
Dos Equis Division – It’s About Time

Wednesday Night Season Winners

Atlantic Division – Lily Flanagans #1
Black Hawk Division – Uncle Chucks

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