Fada Dart League Rules

Farmingdale Area Dart Association

League Rules

Last Updated:  January 2019

(New and amended rules are highlighted)


Board of Directors

The League shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the League Commissioner, Treasurer, and one representative from each team. Each member of the Board of Directors is given the power of one vote. All decisions affecting the League, including rule changes, must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

 Rosters & Eligibility

Each team is required to submit an application Roster of its members prior to the start of each season. Each Roster shall contain a minimum of five players and a maximum of ten players. A player may only appear on one Roster per night per season. All Rosters must include a phone number and email address where the captain and co-captain of the team can be reached.  A completed Final Roster is due by the third week match.

Before the start of each season any player moving from a higher division to a lower division, must have approval from the leagues. If the move is approved by the league, that team may be subject to moving to a higher division. Moves must be approved and made before the schedule has been announced.


Captains are responsible for Roster changes – NO PLAYER MAY BE ADDED BEFORE LEAGUE APPROVAL. If a team loses a player, they may ask for permission to add a player. If you have ten players on your roster, some players must be removed in order to add a player. If a name appears on the score sheet that is not on the Final Roster, any points won by that person will be deducted and the final score adjusted.

In the event a team roster falls below five players, the team will be permitted to submit, for league approval, the name(s) of players that they would like to add to the roster.

In order for a team member to be eligible to play in any play-off competition and/or receive league awards, he/she must have played a minimum of 7 weeks and a minimum of 18 games in the regular season’s matches. Should any player who has not participated in the minimum required matches play in any play-off games, those games shall be forfeited. Any player who does not show up for the night’s matches will not receive any credit for attendance for the night (except in the event of a ‘Bye’ or a forfeit night). In a Division with a ‘Bye’, to qualify for participating in playoffs each player will be required to play a minimum of 7 weeks and a minimum of 14 games in the regular season matches.

Any player who is dropped from a team roster for any matches is ineligible to re-register with another team until a new season starts.

 Match Rules

All matches will be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

Start time is 8:15 pm (EST) – a match not underway by 8:30 pm will make the first set of games subject to be forfeited by the team who is not ready. A match not under way by 8:45 pm will make the entire match subject to forfeit by the team who is not ready. There will be a half hour grace period from 8:15 to 8:45 if the away team is delayed, provided the away team notifies the home team or the home team’s bar by 8:00 pm the night of the match. The same applies to a home team.

NOTE: Match Time rules may be waived / modified by mutual consent of the two team captains.

A team must have at least three players to play a match. If a team has players who will be arriving late, the team captain will enter the names of all the players that will be playing in that set in any order the captain chooses (including the absent players). If an absent player does not arrive before the end of the next exchange, that player’s game will be forfeited and a line will be drawn through that player’s name on the score sheet. If a player who is scheduled to play a double game arrives while that game is in progress, he may enter the game on his next turn without warm-up. This rule applies to all sets of the match.

All ten players of the team can be used in any order, but no player is permitted to play more than once within a set.

Each player will have a practice period consisting of only three rounds or 9 darts just prior to their game.  If there is an additional board available, unlimited practice is allowed, providing it does not interfere with the match. Players are not allowed to practice at any time during their games.

A “BYE” is when there is an empty slot in a division. Any team scheduled for a “BYE” will be awarded 0 game points, and all members of that team will receive attendance credit for play-off eligibility.

If there is a weather emergency declared, please call the league number for instructions. If the matches are cancelled, you will play the same match (week #) the following week. We cannot skip matches.  You should advance the dates on your schedule by one week in order to correct for the missed match. If only one night gets cancelled, those teams will make up their games the next week. Any team that played their matches in the week of a cancellation will have off the following week. This is in order to have all nights playing the same week # on their schedule.  If this happens early in the season, a revised schedule will be distributed to each team.

The home team is required to supply food in sufficient quantity for both teams. Food should be served prior to the start of the third set.

All matches will be conducted under the rules as outlined by the American Dart Organization.

 Score Sheets

Write all required information:



 It is advisable for each team to assign a person who can write neatly to fill in the score sheets.  Clearly write first name and last name initial of your team members on your home score sheet for the first three weeks to insure proper credit of ALL-STAR points, etc. Write first name and last initial on your opponent’s score sheet.  Whenever two first names on your team roster are the same, please indicate last name, even though one is not present at the match.

 If any names on the score sheet cannot be read or understood, that player will not receive any all-star points, only team points will be credited.

Score all wins with a 1″ and all losses with a “0”.  Do not use “W” or “L”.

The playing line-up for each set of games must be completed on the score sheet, without the opposing team’s knowledge, before each set begins, and then exchanged with the opposing teams. Each captain will write their team’s line-up on the opposing team’s score sheet in exactly the same order as it appears on their own score sheet.

In doubles/team games, players will throw in the order written on the match sheet. If a player throws out of turn, they will score zero points and that turn is forfeit.

Score sheets must be signed by both team captains. BEFORE SIGNING THE SCORE SHEET, CHECK TO SEE THAT ALL MATCH POINTS AND ALL-STAR POINTS ARE IDENTICAL ON BOTH. All Stars must appear on both match sheets to be awarded.

Original (WHITE) copies of score sheets for both teams are to be mailed by the home team with the provided stamped envelope.  Sheets missing by more than one week after the played match will result in a 5 point deduction to the home teams score for the night, as it is the home team’s responsibility to send in the sheets.  All Star Points will be forfeited by the home team players.  If we do not receive a score from a match played within 24 hours of the matches finish, both teams will receive a 2 point deduction from their scores on the evening.  

 All Star Points

To qualify for the high average award at the end of the season, a player must average 2 or more games per week, and in a 14-week season, a player must play at least 35 games to qualify.

–Must match on both score sheets or they don’t count.

–Triples and corks count in cricket only.

–High-In opens only count in double-in games.

–High closes count in all _01 games.

– #darts or less are in singles games only.

–All-Star points may count twice in one round. i.e. a player closes cricket with trip 15 and 3 corks, they would receive credit for a C6 and a Cork 3 as long as all of the points count.

  -All-Star points are awarded as follows:

–Cricket (C) points: 120 for C6, 140 for C7, 160 for C8 and 180 for C9.

–Cork points: 90 for 3C, 120 for 4C, 150 for 5C and 180 for 6C.

–X01 High In, High Out and 95+: actual point value scored

(Ex. – 112 open counts as a high in, and not high points. The point value of the high in will still be added to total 01 points).

In the event a player hits All-Stars while closing out a game, the points will count, darts left in hand will not be thrown.  i.e. a player steps to the line and has 1 cork already marked, that player hits a single cork and then a double cork it will count as a three cork only if the opponent has not closed the cork.  If that play hits the double cork on the first dart the game is over and no additional darts thrown will count.

In the event of a Team or Game Forfeit, the team or player may shoot for All-Stars if they wish.

The number of darts for All-Star shooting is as follows:

12 darts for 301, 15 darts for 401, and 18 darts for Single Cricket.

In the event of a Game Forfeit, the all-stars point should be shot immediately before proceeding to the next match.

In the event of a Team Forfeit, the team should immediately contact the league commissioner. The league will then send a representative to witness the team shoot all-star points.

All ALL-STAR shooting as a result of a game or team forfeit must be witnessed by a League representative (i.e. an opposing team captain or League Officer)


The home team is responsible for keeping score of all games in the match.

Each player is to call out their score to the scorekeeper for each round, BEFORE THE DARTS ARE TAKEN OUT OF THE BOARD. For a dart to score a point, it must be in the board (or touching the bristle) and remain in the board until the player removes it. All darts are to be thrown even with or behind the hockey line. After being warned by either captain or the scorekeeper, the darts thrown by a player who continues to foul will not count and the next player will throw.

In an _01 match, errors in arithmetic stand as written, unless corrected prior to the beginning of that player’s next turn. In the case of doubles matches, such errors must be rectified prior to the next turn of any player/partner on that team.

In a Cricket match and in accordance with the inherent “strategy” involved in the Cricket game, corrections in arithmetic must be made before the next player throws otherwise as above, the score will stand as written.

If there is any doubt about the score as written, players are advised that it would be best to ask their opponent or partner to wait a moment while the arithmetic of a score is checked.


The scorekeeper may not talk to either player unless they ask the opposing team captain for permission to talk to the shooting player before or during a match. If permission is given, the player must step off the line in order to talk to the scorekeeper. If the scorekeeper erroneously tells a player an incorrect score after he has thrown one or two darts, the amount thrown will count as scored. The scorekeeper, if asked, may inform a player what they have scored and/or what they have left. The scorekeeper may not give strategic advice or “coach” any player during a match. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PLAYER TO MAKE SURE WHAT THE SCORE IS AT ANY GIVEN TIME.


The captains of each team are responsible for the match running smoothly. Any disputes that should arise during the course of the match must be settled in a private conference by the team captains. Captain’s decisions are binding during the match as long as they are consistent with league rules.

If a dispute cannot be resolved by the team captains during the course of the match, it is up to the League Commissioner to resolve the problem. Before proceeding with the match, the team captains should contact the League Commissioner immediately. If the League Commissioner is unable to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of both teams, the dispute will be resolved by the Board of Directors.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PHYSICAL VIOLENCE BE TOLERATED. OFFENDERS WILL BE EXPELLED FROM THE LEAGUE. Anyone using abusive language, harassing other players, punching or kicking walls, throwing darts anywhere other than at the dartboard, will be suspended from the match and will constitute grounds for a forfeit by the offending team. Anyone repeatedly conducting in such a manner will be expelled from the league.

Postponements and Forfeits

Please use discretion when postponing a match. It is better for all concerned if a match is played on its scheduled night.  A postponement will be granted if it is requested 24 hours or more in advance.  If a home team postpones a match, the home team advantage is forfeited and the match will be played at the opponent’s bar.  All postponements must be played before the following weeks matches.  If a date and time cannot be agreed upon, the match will be played on the night prior to the following weeks play following the postponement.  If a team does not show for the make-up match, then they forfeit the match. If both teams do not show, then both teams receive zero points. IF A MATCH IS POSTPONED IN THE LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON, IT MUST BE PLAYED BY THE END OF THE DAY ON SATURDAY OF THAT WEEK.

In the event of a forfeit, the forfeiting team receives zero points. Their opponents will receive 15 points. All members of the opponent’s team will receive attendance credit for the night.


If a team forfeits more than 2 matches they will be dropped from the season. The dropped team will then be treated as an empty slot in the division and entire season’s worth of scores will be readjusted to a score of 15 points for each team. Any All-Star points from matches with the dropped team will still count. For any remaining season matches against the dropped team, the opposing team will be allowed to shoot for team all-star points on the night the match was to occur. If any team drops out after the start of the season, this same rule will apply.

 No postponements or forfeits will be allowed in the last week of the season if the match has a possible bearing on the final standings of ANY team in the league.


In the event that any teams of the same division are tied in points at the end of the season, the tie breaker will be wins and losses on the seasons.  If this is also tied it will go to head to head match ups of those teams during the regular season.  If this is also tied, the winner will be decided by a single game of 1001.  This will be 5 on 5 double in / double out.  The start will be chosen by a bull shot.  Winner of a coin toss gets choice on the bull shot.

Discrepancies on the standings sheet must be brought to the attention of the league within 2 weeks, in order for any corrections to be made.

All team members should check the standings and all-star sheets.

 Equipment Requirements


Darts used in league play shall not exceed an overall maximum length of 30.5 cm (12 inches), nor weigh more than 50 grams per dart.  Each dart shall consist of a recognizable point, barrel and flight.


All league competition will be conducted on a standard 18″ bristle board. (Example: Wenmau or Raven etc.)  The home team will be responsible for supplying and maintaining the dartboards.  Wires and surface must be in good condition, and must be acceptable to both teams.

Double Score (twice the number) Single Score (face value) Triple Score (triple the number) Inner Cork Double 25 (50 points) Outer Cork (25 points) Out of Play Area (no score).


Double and Triple rings inside width measurement = 8mm. (5/16 inches)   Inner Cork Inside diameter = 12.7 mm. (.5 inches) Outer Cork Inside Diameter = 31 mm. (1.25 inches)   Outside edge of Double wire to Center  Cork = 170 mm. (6.75 inches) Outside edge of Triple wire to Center Cork = 117 mm. (4.25 inches)  Outside edge of Double wire to Outside edge of Double wire = 342 mm. (13.5 inches)  Overall dartboard diameter = 457 mm. (18.0 inches)  Spider wire gauge (Max. Standard Wire Gauge) = 16SWG

The inner narrow band shall score “Triple” the segment number, and the outer narrow band shall score “Double” the segment number.  The outer center ring shall score “25” and inner center ring shall score “50” and shall be called “Cork”.  Boards shall be firmly anchored on a backboard.

The minimum throwing distance shall be 7′ 9-1/4″.

The board height shall be 5′ 8″ (floor to center bull; 9′ 7-1/2″ measured diagonally from the center bull to the front of the hockey line at floor level).

The scoring wedge indicated by 20 shall be the darker of the two wedge colors and must be the top center wedge.


Lighting shall consist of a minimum of two lights of at least 100 watts each and no further than 5 feet away from the board as to brightly illuminate the board, reduce to a minimum the shadows cast by the darts, and not physically impede the flight of dart.


A scoreboard must be mounted in a comfortably visible position to the shooters of the match and is maintained by the home establishment.

 Hockey (foul line)

Whenever possible, a raised hockey, at least 1-1/2″ high and 2′ long, shall be placed in position at the minimum throwing distance, and shall measure from the back of the raised hockey 7′ 9-1/4″ along the floor to a plumb line at the face of the dartboard.

In the event the hockey is a tape or similar “flush” marking, the minimum throwing distance shall be measured from the edge (front) of the tape closest to the dartboard.

Should a player have any portion of his feet or shoes over the hockey line during a throw, all darts so thrown shall be counted as part of his/her throw, but any score made by said darts shall be invalid and not counted.  One warning by the official shall be considered sufficient before invoking this rule.

A player wishing to throw a dart, or darts, from a point on either side of the hockey line, must keep his feet behind an imaginary straight line extending from either side of the hockey line.


Playoffs will commence the week following the conclusion of regular season play (or in the event of conflict with holidays, at the discretion of the Board) and any tie-breakers required to determine final regular season standings.  The playoff format for any given season, including number of eligible teams, early round formats and player eligibility requirements, will be decided within the first half of the season by a majority vote of the League Board of Directors.

For any team member to be eligible to play in any play-off competition and/or receive any league awards, he/she must have played a minimum of 7 weeks and a minimum of 18 games in the regular season’s matches. Should any player who has not participated in the minimum required matches play in any play-off games, those games shall be forfeited.

The quarter-final round will consist of one night of play. The first team to reach 12 points wins. If the teams have to go to a second sheet, the home team and away team will switch. The home team will continue to keep score for the duration of the match.

The semi-final round will consist of one night of play. The first team to reach 15 points wins. In the event that the teams have to go to a second sheet, the home team and away team will switch. The home team will continue to keep score for the duration of the match.

The final playoff round will consist of two games to be held over a two week period on consecutive Tuesdays. The first team to reach 24 points wins. In the event of a 23 to 23 tie, the winner will be determined by one (1) head to head game of 1001 (double in / double out) with four (4) players on each team.  The start of the game will be decided by first a coin toss, the away team calling heads or tails, then by a bull shot with the winner of the coin toss throwing first, closest team starts.

In the event of a scheduling conflict, other scheduling arrangements may be made between the two teams involved. However, both teams must agree unconditionally to the changes and the league representatives must be notified of the changes by both team captains. The round must be completed within the scheduled week before the start of the next round of the play-offs. Should any team fail to complete the round or not show, it will be considered a complete forfeit of the entire round for the offending team.

Any ineligible player that participates in the playoffs will have their games considered a forfeit and the match score will be adjusted accordingly.  Lists of the eligible players for each team in the playoffs will be available to all playoff teams via the FADA website.

All playoff matches will be conducted under the same rules as regular season play.