Dart Connect

Monday Aquaduct and Tuesday Amstel Divisions

These Divisions will be using DartConnect this season.

Team Captains must have a dart connect account. If you don’t already belong to DartConnect, you can go to dartconnect.com and establih a guest account.

On match night you will sign in, select the home and away teams and select the game.

Use the single FADA match sheet to set up the players for each exchange as usual. The Home team scorer will then select the players for the game. After the game is over go to the next game and repeat. At the end of the night make sure to hit “save match”.

Any questions send them in to us.

Teams are required to send in match points at the end of each night’s matches as usual via messenger, FaceBook or in the comments section.

Team Standings and All Stars will continue to be posted on FADA.