FADA Playoff News

Playoffs will begin as follows:

Monday League: All divisions start playoffs on May 20

Tuesday League:8 Team Divisions begin playoffs on May 21
6 Team Divisions finish the season play on May 21 and begin playoffs on June 4

Wednesday League: Playoffs begin May 22, top 6 teams make the playoffs.

Note that there are NO PLAYOFFS ON May 27, 28 or 29 due to Memorial day.
Playoffs continue on June 3, 4 and 5

There are a number of Make-Up matches that have not been played, ALL Make-up matches must be completed before May 13th, If the match is not played before that date, BOTH teams will receive ZERO (0) match points.

Monday standings through week 9 are posted.
Tuesday standings through week 9 are posted.
Wednesday standings through week 9 are posted.

The playoff Champions have been posted on this site

FADA Fall 2018 Division Champions
Congratulations to the winners!

Monday Night Division Champions

Aquaduct Division – Broadway 247 #1
Belmont Division – Broadway 247 #4
Churchill Division – One Eye Jacks #3
Dover Division – Mers #14

Tuesday Night Division Champions

Amstel Division – Boss Crokers #5
Bud Division – Mers #6
Bud Lite Division – Shamrocks #3
Coors Division – McBrides #1
Coors Lite Division – One Eye Jacks #2
Dos Equis Division – One Eye Jacks #1

Wednesday Night Division Champions

Atlantic Division – Lily Flanagans #2

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