Individual stats are to be found on DartConnect.
However, DartConnect has no option to track the following:
15 dart or less 401 game
12 dart or less 301 game
15 dart or less Cricket game
6 Cork in a Cricket game
Please report these All Stars dircetly to FADA via this website or the FADA facebook page.
Note that these All Stars are ONLY for individual matches.

All Teams, make note of the new start time as per the FADA Rules (full rules available on the FADA website):

Match Rules

Start time is 8:00 pm (EST) – a match not underway by 8:15 pm will make the first set of games subject to be forfeited by the team who is not ready. A match not under way by 8:30 pm will make the entire match subject to forfeit by the team who is not ready.

FADA FALL 2019 Season Champions
Congratulations to the winners!

Monday Night Season Winners

Aquaduct Division – Tack Room #4
Belmont Division – Brixx #1
Churchill Division – RC Dugans #3
Dover Division – Mr Beerys #1

Tuesday Night Season Winners

Amstel Division – Tack Room #5
Bud Division – Tack Room #10
Bud Lite Division – Tack Room #2
Coors Division – Mers #10
Coors Lite Division – Daytonas #4
Dos Equis Division – It’s About Time

Wednesday Night Season Winners

Atlantic Division – Lily Flanagans #1
Black Hawk Division – Uncle Chucks


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